[Fun Projects]

In the spring of 2014 we built our first garden bed for veggies and flowers. It's been a delicious endeavor.

One of the amazing things we learned in grad school was how to blow glass. We enjoyed many hot hours at the Pittsburg Glass Center and more recently at Pratt in Seattle.

This collection of digitally altered photographs explores the notion of the "invisible" people we do not see around us. A computer-generated mannequin was posed to fit scenes from daily college life. To make the digital insertion plausible, shadows and ligthing were composited in Adobe Photoshop. Final class project for Digital Photography, Hampshire College, Fall 2006. More pictures from undergrad days.

Some of my undergraduate projects are archived for posterity in this very colorful website. They range from ALBERT, an autonomous robot, to explorations in the design and simulation of power management response to dynamic pricing.

[Outreach & Teaching]

Summer 2013: Instructor for the Summer Academy for Math and Science

I designed a three-week intensive introduction to animation class centered around computer graphics principles. I taught two sessions of the class. Student work available at the class website: SAMS 2013

2012-2013: Seminars at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence

To hone my teaching skills, I attended nine seminars from Future Faculty program at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. The work included how to plan and deliver effective lectures and how design informative evaluations.

Spring 2012: Teaching Assistant for 15-456 Animation Art and Technology

Animation Art and Technology is an interdisciplinary course cross-listed between Art and Computer Science. Faculty and teaching assistants from computer science and art teach the class as a team. It is a project-based course in which four to five interdisciplinary teams of students produce animations. Most of the animations have a substantive technical component and the students are challenged to consider innovation with content to be equal with the technical. The class includes basic tutorials for work in Maya leading toward more advanced applications and extensions of the software such as motion capture and algorithms for animating cloth, hair, particles, and grouping behaviors.

Summer 2010: Wearable Electronics with Gwen's Girls

For the summer of 2010, a group of CMU grad students conducted a 5 week workshop with the young ladies from Gwen's Girls. The workshop focused on wearable technology, in particular working with the Arduino Lilypad and sewable electronics to add a little bit of computational and interactive power to clothes, school bags, and other items that we can get our hands on. At CMU I was involved with various outreach activities for Women@SCS: conferences and workshops on computer science education, TechNights, and Gwen's Girls summer camp (2009) and robot building workshop (fall 2010).

Spring 2010: Teaching Assistant for 15-463 Computational Photography

Computational photography is an advanced undergraduate course at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and photography. The class has an emphasis on hands-on learning reflected in the programming assignments, in which students have the opportunity to acquire their own images of indoor and outdoor scenes and develop the image analysis and synthesis tools needed to render and view the scenes on the computer. Here are the results of a tilt-shift assignment implemented with gaussian blur I designed for the class.

2005-2007: Teaching Assistant for Math 2011: Linear Algebra

During my undergraduate years I was a teaching assistant in the Math Department at Mount Holyoke College. My responsibilities included grading assignments, quizzes, and more importantly tutoring students in labs. Tutoring sessions regularly ranged between 5-20 students. Topics include elements of the theory of matrices and vector spaces.